Call for artists – ARTmART 2015


Application guidelines:

Primarily, ARTmART participants are chosen by our multipli‐curators principle: Our aim is to showcase the wide span of fine art.  That is why we invite curators from various segments of the contemporary Austrian art scene (institutions, artist-run-spaces, freelancing curators, or professors in art-universities) to each nominate three artists they find interesting.

Additionally, we have international participants as well as artists re-participating who already were part of former ARTmARTs.  We always reserve a few participation-slots and make them available to free applications.  We will keep on providing this option for artistic positions (roughly 15), which we find exciting (conscious that with any given pool of multipli-curators our reach can never cover all facets and niches of relevant art production).

Applications are accepted until October 8th 2015 through our application form.

Participants are selected on October, 10th 2015 and will be informed subsequently.
The Jury consists of:
Georg Georgakopoulos (founder of cheapart, Athens)
Günther Oberhollenzer (curator, Essl Museum, Austria)
Christian Rupp (visual artist, founder/organiser ARTmART)

We want to point out two crucial elements of the artist’s application:
⇒ the artworks within the submitted portfolio
⇒ the artistic CV

ARTmART is an exhibition and an art market intervention at the same time. Intervention, because we address a new crowd of potential buyers of art, whilst at the same time satisfying the artistic demands of a sophisticated and experienced clientele. To do so, we offer potential for discoveries – display high quality, the unexpected, unique talent.

Given these requirements, applying to ARTmART only makes sense when an artist has some experience in exhibiting her/his works in relevant spaces (artist-run, galleries, offspaces, art fairs or institutions).  If you dont yet have the background mentioned above,  please apply to ARTmART after having gained foothold in the contemporary art scene.
To avoid a common misunderstanding: ARTmART is not looking for best-sellers or art that prioritizes commercial success.  Every time, we see many positions with potential for sales.  However, either lacking the necessary connection to the contemporary art scene or the experience in exhibiting.  ARTmART lays its focus on originality and a certain presence within the art system.
In case you are not sure whether you fulfill these requirements, do send an application and we will have a look at your CV.

ARTmART explicitly invites students with esprit (or recent graduates) to send their application to us – we evaluate your CVs in context!

Before applying please read carefully through our information for artists.

The application consists of uploading the following PDF documents
(size-limits: see application form):
⇒ mandatory: CV (PDF)
⇒ mandatory: portfolio (PDF)
⇒ recommended/optional: concept/example of artworks you plan to show at ARTmART
⇒ additional: website*
*you can add your website to the application – the ARTmART jury will mainly evaluate your art on basis of the submitted PDF-portfolio unless your media (video, net-art, performance, etc.) requires a moving images / a website – in that case a weblink is advised.