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Teilnehmender Künstler erkennbar an orangem Halsband
ARTmART is an innovative and different exhibition format, as well as an artist-run fair.

It is essential for visitors to understand our procedure of purchase:
1) reservation during the week and
2) pick up on Sunday
(further information below) – artists as well as our exhibition staff are happy to help (recognizable by orange key bands with ID cards).

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If you would like to avoid waiting and would like to enjoy the exhibition in less busy hours, we recommend a visit on Thursday or Friday (especially from 1 p.m. throughout the afternoon).  Extremely buzzing hours will be Wednesday (in particular from the opening at 1 p.m. – then from 3 p.m. it will relax a bit until ca. 5 p.m. when the run starts again) and all of Sunday when more than 1000 artworks will be picked up.  For opening hours go here.

Two characteristic features of ARTmART are the unified price and the egalitarian form of presentation. In other words, every artist is given the same amount of space on the wall – be they a “big name”, mid-career, or emerging artist.
The choice of participants is made by our multipli-curators from various backgrounds (institutions, artist-run-spaces, freelancing curators, or professors in art universities) and the jury – in order to ensure quality as well as heterogeneity of artistic positions.

Fine art is a vivid field and that is highly evident on the walls. The visual overload, a part of the concept, is generated by 250 presenting artists.

As many artists will be present during opening hours, visitors have the opportunity to discuss, learn and laugh with the artists and encounter the artistic positions in a personal way.  Admission is free, in an effort to lower thresholds. The opulence of the exhibition, calls for thorough debate, and perception and comprehension provide challenge anyway. Feel free to come back with friends and continue your visit another time.

A purchase is made by reserving a piece of art (which is binding).  Artists and staff (orange key bands) happily assist you with  1) filling in the sales-list and with  2) positioning the red-dot-sticker indicating that it is sold.  On Sunday, November 22nd 2015, the last day of the exhibition, artworks can be picked up.  Don´t forget your cash! Do plan for enough time – it will be VERY busy – bring a bag and packaging if you can – the quantities available will be limited.  Only if you purchase from an artist who is present and has more works in the storage area, it is possible to take home your piece right away.  In all other cases artworks are picked up on Sunday (if you cannot do that on Sunday, please send a friend).

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Photos © Aris Roupinas