Making the most of your participation


What an artist can get out of participating
ARTmART offers many different opportunities to participating artists.

International participants please note:
If you are travelling to Vienna for ARTmART, networking may be more of a focus while finding new collectors for your future may be less applicable than for local Austrian artists.

Appeal to a new audience and permanently tie their interest to your progress and work, by selling a piece into their homes/collection.
Please have a look at “Which works to choose for ARTmART”.

Artistic collaboration / exchanging works
The high attendance rate of artists throughout the exhibitions opening hours contributes to every ARTmART participant’s benefit. Future collaborations, exhibitions, collaborative  production or projects emerge from fruitful discourse with colleagues and the like-minded.  ARTmART´s unique concept and unitary price encourage the exchange of art works between artists, with a simple exchange rate: “1 piece for 1 piece”.  Owning a piece of a colleague and seeing it regularly on your wall adds a special quality to artist-friendships.

International cooperation
Every ARTmART sees about 30% of international artists participating. Besides our highly cooperative Greek partners, who have also developed/provided us with the core of ARTmART´s unique exhibition concept, we have had artists from Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia and more are upcoming this year…

Collectors, curators, journalists, gallery owners …
ARTmART attracts a large proportion of professionals from the art-field by the quality of the participating artists and the great discovery potential. In recent years many sustained contacts were established.